Today we are talking about why artists shouldn’t be afraid to try Oils. Sandra speaks from experience, because she remembers feeling afraid to try them. She used to use watercolours because oils just looked so complicated. But about ten years ago an artist friend of hers said she should try them. The moment she tried them, she knew she had found the perfect medium to suit her style. 

Ep 80 Artists Afraid Oil Painting

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What Sandra loves about oil paints

  • They have a buttery consistency like no other
  • Oils are very forgiving – far more so than watercolours
  • Oil paints take longer to dry, giving you plenty of time to blend
  • They are versatile. You can paint in thick impasto strokes or in thin layers
  • Unlike watercolours, oils won’t fade. If they are used correctly an oil painting can last 100’s of years

Check out Sandra’s Oil Paintings at

Oil painting topics we cover in the podcast

  • How Sandra learned to paint in oils – she shares the basic rules of oil painting
  • What would be a small basic kit to get you started in oil painting? Sandra started with a Daler Rowney Georgian set of Oil Paints
  • Cheap oil paper vs cheap canvas
  • Brushes
  • How you can just buy 1 colour and a white to get started cheaply doing some tonal paintings to see if you like oil painting
  • Why mediums don’t have to be complicated and can be safe. Sandra explains that you can get really good ready made medium from the Gamblin Brand
  • Safer methods for cleaning up your oil painting kit such as Murphy’s oil soap and baby-wipes
  • What sort of palettes work for oil paint
  • Whether you need an easel or not
  • Sandra’s big wooden stick with a ball on the end (that I assume she uses for slapping Paul)
  • Acrylics vs oils
  • Water-soluble oil paints

Suggested Tutorials/Art Courses for Oil Painting

  • Evolve is an oil painting teaching platform that can teach anyone to paint in a realistic style in a year or less. Check out our podcast Ep 73 with Kevin Murphy to find out more or watch their free webinar – learn to paint webinar
  • For a more loose style of oil painting, we also mention Carol Marine – we haven’t tried her tutorials but she paints quickly with oils and has a website where people create daily paintings

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Naked Sketchbook

We also talk about #nakedsketchbook an idea we had during our previous podcast about having fun with your sketchbook. We are inviting you to share your sketchbook flick throughs, warts and all  and hashtag it on Instagram or Facebook with #nakedsketchbook. Often what we see on social media is a rose tinted version and only the art people are proud of. It can be a little demoralising, especially when you’re a beginner.

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This week’s creative question

Q. What type of art or mediums have you always wanted to try but haven’t? Why is that?

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