Today’s guest is Kevin Murphy from Evolve. Kevin is an internationally recognized award-winning portrait painter and illustrator. Kevin created nearly 250 commercial illustrations for such major entities as: The Rolling Stones, National Geographic, Lucas Arts and Barnes and Nobel

Kevin Murphy Learn Realism Art

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Kevin is the co-founder of Evolve. Evolve is a platform that can teach anyone how to paint in a realism style in a year or less. You can check out the free painting masterclass webinar  Kevin mentions by going to

realism art tutorial webinar

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Kevin talks about

  • His fascinating journey into art and the incredible lengths he went to fulfil his dream of being a professional artist.
  • Some of the amazing projects he has worked on, including being asked to do a cover for a Rolling Stones Album
  • Starting his own physical art school
  • How anyone can learn to paint, given the right knowledge and practice and how Evolve can speed that process up
  • How he started teaching his oil painting process online when he co-founded Evolve with Mitch Bowler (Pencil Kings)
  • Why he recommends learning oil painting over any other medium first
  • Why value and edge are the foundations for all art, how this works and why it’s important
  • What art students can do with their realism painting skills. He also talks about how some of his students are already making money from their art, including through selling their course paintings

Some before and After Evolve Student Work

Realism art student before and after Evolve lessons

learning to paint realistically before and after

Learning Realism Oil painting Before and After

Find out more about Kevin and Evolve


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