Today’s episode is all about how to find creative ways to cope with isolation following the coronavirus outbreak. As well as the podcast we put together this bumper blog post with links to free creative courses, resources and ideas for things to do during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Podcast Ep 58 Creative Ways to Cope with Isolation

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Since the news right now is overwhelmed with negativity, which is bringing all of us down, we want to suggest ways to help those people cope during that time… and possibly even make that isolation period change their lives for the better.

What if, instead of focussing on the negative aspect of having to isolate, although it’s difficult we try looking at the positive side to keep our spirits up? What if we all use that time to do something we have always wanted to, but never had the time because of work or other commitments? That could be anything from learning a new language to learning to paint and draw.

It is widely known that having some kind of creative outlet is good for our mental health, unlike isolation, which has the opposite effect altogether. So, creativity could be just the thing to counterbalance that negative effect.

Some of the things we discuss

  • Some places to find free creative courses
  • Ideas for starting online creative groups
  • Ways to get many creative courses cheaper than they are advertised
  • Creative Challenges you could take part in
  • Preparing your art to sell for when things improves
  • Making cards for people you love
  • Taking part in an art postcard swap – start your own with friends or join our Facebook Group Postcard Swap
  • Online portrait drawing with friends, one of our group members has been doing this
  • Visiting a virtual gallery on your own or with a friend via the wonders of Skype and similar platforms
  • Creative Collaboration ideas
  • Podcast suggestions

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This week’s creative question

What creative things will you be doing during isolation?

art question

The best answers will be read out on a future podcast.

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