As February Faces is in full swing, I thought I’d share some of my personal favourites from those that you guys have shared so far…

What You’ve Been Up To…

Bridget Blair Wietlisbach…

© Bridget Blair Wietlisbach

… This adorable sketch really made me smile! I just love those eyes!

Anna Sellers…

© Anna Sellers

…I just love how those colours work against the toned paper. Beautiful!

Jen McCleary…

© Jenn McCleary

…This one I found to be really intriguing. Just who is this woman hiding from… Of course you might read something entirely different in to this painting, but then that’s what makes it so interesting, right?

Yardell Perkins…

© Yardell Perkins

Yardell is completely new to drawing. What I loved most about this, is that it marked a turning point in Yardell’s technique. If you compare this to his drawing on day 1, the improvement is significant and shows that Yardell is not just drawing daily, but is actively learning too… He found the video which we posted on a previous blog post to be really useful, which he watched before drawing this one. I wonder what day 31 will look like!

Unky Lastrange…

© Unky Lastrange

…So, does this count as up to day 12??? If Unky created this digital painting in just one day, then I am in awe!! I really love the blushing noses and cheeks on these faces… I just love it!

Keep it up!

It’s fantastic to see so many faces appearing on social media as a result of this challenge… Keep it up! You are doing great!


Sandra x

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