Ep 17 General Art Tips for Artists

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In today’s episode, we share lots of ‘general tips’ for artists. It follows on quite nicely from Episode 15 about making the best of your creative space.

We cover a lot in this episode. Just in case you’re not aware, Sandra is an experienced oil painter who paints highly detailed still lifes. Prior to discovering her love of oils, she used to paint in watercolours. So Sandra has a wealth of tips to share, plus I throw in a few tips of my own that I’ve learned over the years too.

One of the biggest things you’ll learn is to take your bathroom cabinet out of the bathroom and transfer it to your art space. It appears that Sandra has miraculously found a use for everything in hers for painting. Even I found some of the suggestions a little eye-opening!

Some of the tips we share include:

  • How to stop your paint from drying out so quickly
  • How to clean and preserve your brushes, including the magic of Murphy’s Oil Soap
  • How Gamblin oil paints are better for your health (also check out Sandra’s blog post about oil painting safety)
  • How to stop dipping your brush in your coffee and drinking your painting water/medium
  • How to stretch watercolour paper, including modern watercolour stretchers and watercolour boards.
  • Some great apps for artists – including one that can replace that ridiculous wooden mannequin that would never stay in place
  • A very ‘unusual’ way of removing dust from a painting!

We also include art tips shared by members of our Facebook Group, Page and our followers on Instagram.

Here’s the list of apps mentioned in the podcast

  • ArtPose is an app that is a much better alternative to one of those wooden artist mannequins. With Artpose you can choose a figure, pose it in virtually any position, look at it from different angles and light it too.
  • ProCreate is a fantastic app on the ipad that allows you to paint digitally, Some artists do the most amazing things with it. One of the really clever things about the app is it also automatically makes a video of you creating your art.
  • Jackson’s ArtGrid lets you create an instant grid over a photograph which you can then translate onto your canvas so you can create an accurate drawing
  • The ipad app Graphic – creates vector graphics very much like you would on a computer with Adobe Illustrator. Vector graphics are good as you can blow them up to any size without the quality deteriorating.
  • Autodesk Sketchbook – this is another comprehensive drawing app available on desktop and tablet.
  • Paper app by Fifty three – is an app for digital sketchbooks. It’s also beautifully designed.
  • Adobe has a suite of apps for digital art on a tablet or phone which you can use for free.

This week’s question

What do you listen to while you create?

What do you listen to while you create

The best answers will be read out on the next podcast.

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