Today is Day 10 of the Find your Art Style Experiment. Today I experimented with mark making to see what sort of faces I create. Anyone that knows me will know I am not a big fan of paint because it’s so messy, but today I decided I would use it.

I got together a range of mark-making tools including brushes some palette knives, a broken skewer and some kids painting sponges and rollers. Along with that I had some acrylic ink and paints.

art tools mark making

I know I have a bit of a thing for yellow and purple so I decided that I would start with a background created with yellow acrylic ink. I dripped the ink on and then used some of the painting tools to spread it.

Making Marks with Acrylic Paint

For the first image I used reference of a woman in a hat and made black marks with the acrylic paint and then added some white too. I went a bit over board and wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to do anything with this one. I used reference for the one of the left too, but this time was a lot more sparing with the paint.

making art marks black acrylic

Drew into them with Neocolor

Once it was dryer (don’t curse me I hung it on the radiator), I drew into it with Neocolor pastels. This is definitely a medium I really like. I didn’t think I was going to be able to do anything with the woman in the hat, and I don’t thing she’d be very flattered as she now looks like a man in a punk band but it’s kind of interesting looking to me.

face art mark making

I had comped together a few free images in photoshop and used that as reference fo the next one. I like the comped photo idea and I might revisit that, but I didn’t execute this very well with so little control of the marks.

For the next one I didn’t use reference and just made marks and let what happen, happen. And I really like this one. I could kind of imagine this being put on a bigger board with other pieces of paper put together to make up an image.

mark making faces

I added colour to the weird comped image too.

Right, I better go and have a shower. After walking the dog this morning, I chucked on an old top and tracky bottoms and left on my 4 layered pairs of socks that I wear with my welly boots. On second thoughts maybe I’ll wait until I’ve walked the dog again. See you tomorrow

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