What is the ‘Find Your Art Style Experiment’?

Update: We now have a new art styles challenge to be inspired by the style of a famous artist. This is one of the methods I used to help me find my art style.

An experiment for 60 days starting February 1st 2020 to discover an art style that I want to create in and develop. I will be sharing my process and the resources I use in the form of videos, blog post and social media. if you are trying to find your art style too I would love for you to join me and share your progress along the way.

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What is ‘Art Style’?

Just over 2 years ago I started drawing by hand again. Since then,  I’ve wanted to find an art style that feels right and comfortable for me to draw and paint in. Sandra and I have differing ideas as to what an art style is. She believes I already have a style as she can instantly recognise that something I have drawn or painted.

To me, an art style (or voice) is a little different. Perhaps someone who knows me well may know my art is mine, my style is all over the place. I enjoy experimenting, so sometimes my drawings are black and white and have a graphic style which is almost cartoon-like. But I also like to create with really bright colours. Now, when I think about drawing, I have no idea which method I might choose. I have to think each time “what style shall I try today?” It would be great to have a method of drawing/painting, colour palette and subject matter that would be my go-to look and style. Even if that changes over time.

My Art Style is all Over the Place

The one constant is that I really enjoy drawing faces. But I have enjoyed creating all the different types of images below.

Watercolour faces – with no pencil drawing

watercolour faces loose art style

Black and White Cartoony/Semi Abstract Faces Using Markers

black and white cartoony faces

Colourful Semi-Abstract Faces Using Neocolor II

colourful abstract faces with Neocolor

Collage Faces Using Watercolour Brush Pens

collage faces using watercolour brush pens

Sandra has Already Found her Painting Style

Sandra already has a very distinct painting style. She likes painting in a realistic style, loves still life and reflective objects. She has both dark and light variations of this style to keep things interesting. However, one thing she has been struggling with is finding a sketching style she likes. So she may talk a little about that in the course of the next few weeks too.

Sandra’s Oil Painting Style – Light Background Variation

See larger images on Sandra’s Website Sandra Busby Art

Sandra's Still Life Paintings

Sandra’s Oil Painting Style – Dark Background Variation

Sandras dark background paintings

Join us for the ‘Find Your Art Style Experiment’

Find your Art Style Experiment

I will be starting the Find your Art Style Experiment on February 1st, which coincides with the beginning of our February Faces Art Challenge. Two years ago this was the daily face drawing challenge that helped me discover my love of creating faces. So my focus on finding my art style will be around the subject of faces and people.

If you haven’t yet discovered the “thing” that you most love to draw, whether that’s literal or more abstract, I highly encourage you to take part in some art challenges.  Challenges can force you out of your comfort zone and help you discover what you really love. After all, if you have never tried drawing or painting certain things or using a certain media, how do you know whether it suits you or not.

The Structure of the Experiment

For the course of the 60 days, I will be creating a structure to break down the things I will be trying each week. I will share those with you too. I will also share the books and blog posts in have been reading, the podcasts, videos and courses I have been watching and listening to with other artist’s suggestions on discovering your style. And of course, trying out some of those ideas too. Will they work?

At the end of each week, Sandra and I will record a video of my progress and what I plan to do next. Sandra will offer her thoughts and advice too.

Week 1

One of the descriptions of finding your art style that has resonated most with me is in a course by SVS Learn. SVS Learn is an Illustration course platform created by Jake Parker (Inktober), Will Terry and Lee White. Lee White teaches a course called “How to Discover Your Style”. Lee states how frustrated he was with his lecturers at school telling him that your style just emerges over time. He believes that there is a method to discovering your style (or at least speeding it up).

SVS learn

In his lectures he talks about where famous artists got their inspiration from and the similarities between illustrators he loves and the work of their teachers and mentors. He believes you can find your style by taking inspiration from the artists you admire the most and suggests starting by collating together 20 images by artists you love and 20 of your creations and analysing them.

This is also a very similar idea to a blog post on developing your art style by artist Christopher Kerry. He suggests that you find three artists you love then narrow them down to a piece of art from each. Next, analyse the art and work out what you like about it. Then combine the elements you like from each of the artists into a piece of art your own. He gives a thorough explanation here https://copicmarkertutorials.com/how-to-find-your-own-personal-drawing-style/

Using the SVS Learn Course and the Blog post I mentioned above, for the first week I will be creating a Pinterest Board with work I love. I already have a very large Pinterest board with face drawings I like so I will be narrowing these down. I will also look at my art and then take elements from the work I love and apply them to my own drawings.

I hope you’ll join us!

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