It’s day 11 of the Find Your Art Style Experiment. Last night, I was flicking through a sketchbook as even though I enjoyed the mark-making yesterday I was feeling like I was losing the ability to draw. I found some character type doodles that I like.

Sketchbook Pages

sketchbook page

character sketchbook page

I like the funny face shapes and then the more abstract doodles I had. Then also like an image which is an abstracted mans face based on a reference photo.

So I decided that today I would explore some character face shapes using different pens and brushes to make marks.

I started with the brush pen for the first few doodles but I wasn’t keen on them. I do quite like this little guy though who was created using a Windsor and Newton Watercolor Marker which I applied water to.

Character Drawn with a Watercolour Marker

doodle man

For the second page of doodles, I revisited a similar style of a face that I had drawn in my sketchbook and used a fountain pen, brush pen and some India ink watered down and applied with a brush. I wasn’t too sure of the rest of the doodles on this page but I do like the scribbled shading on the one top right.

Yesterday when I was experimenting with mark-making I made some extra pages with yellow and black ink splats so I decided to try and draw one of the characters on the page. It turned out ok. The problem I have is that when I create a stylized character I then don’t know how to follow it through. I don’t want each one to be exactly the same as then the spontaneity goes. But I don’t want to think of new scenarios each time and plan it out as that drains the fun from it.

Character Drawn over a Mark Making Page from Yesterday

yellow doodle man of mark making page

Any suggestions?

I better go tidy my desk up a bit again ready for tomorrow.

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