Today is day 12 of the Find your Art Style Experiment and today I am looking back into those sketchbook drawings that I dug out yesterday. I decided to try and take that same style and them, develop them and maybe add some colour. I found some reference faces to use as a guide too, even though it would be very loosely.

I decided that quantity is definitely better than quality, It’s only through doing a lot of sketches in my sketchbook that I find elements that I like.

I grabbed a load of possible pens and started drawing. The first couple of drawings using permanent black pens and watercolour markers. I wasn’t too keen on the look of these, they’d be scary to meet in a night club toilets, not that I go to night clubs anymore.

Wouldn’t want to meet these two in a nightclub toilets!

first face drawings

Decided I like my Dip Pen After All

On the second page, I started with a Dip pen and Lamy water-soluble ink. Funnily enough, I was just telling Sandra how I didn’t like my dip pen and today I am enjoying it. Which just shows that you cannot judge materials by only trying them once. I added water to these drawings to get some mid-tones and larger areas of black. And I quite like the looseness of the bottom middle one.

dip pen ink drawings

I then switched to Indian Ink which is permanent to use with the dip pen, so I could try watercolour over the top. I’ve deliberately kept these really loose and purposefully offset features. They look a bit like blind contours but I had my eyes open the whole time. Is that is good or bad. I do like the quirkiness though.

I have no patience for waiting for stuff to dry so the only thing for it was to get the hairdryer out to dry off the ink, and pretend I’m in a very low budget hair commercial.

hairdryer to dry ink drawings

Hmmm… wonder if I could use this style for urban sketching people?

I had a bit of fun daubing on watercolours in bright colours. I’m not sure this is the way I want to create regularly but it was fun. I would like to inject some of this loose treatment of people into my urban sketches to make them more interesting.

watercolour faces

PS. this is how it feels on Day 12 of a creative challenge. See you tomorrow.

head on table

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