It’s day 21 of the Find Your Art Style Experiment. And weirdly it’s probably the most I have drawing in my sketchbook in the evenings for a long time. I have taken Sandra’s advice and just start drawing and seeing what happens, and all these weird characters arrive.

sketchbook page

Today was a toss-up between Posca markers and gouache. I have barely used either. I opted for gwaarsh purely so I could say it in Sandra’s accent again. Not really, but I wanted to see if I could do something along the lines of yesterday, but make the starting face more abstracted.

I started with a reference photo just to get some sense of features and drew roughly on paper. I realised that I have no idea of the so called “proper” way to paint with gouache. Is it light to dark or dark to light? Anyway, I opted for dark to light, in a sort of roundabout manner.

Abstract Gouache Face

abstract gouache face painting

I painted the face and left one side mostly yellow to draw over later. And I have to say I do quite like gouache, even though these are a really cheap set. I just checked and these were on offer £3.50 from Hobbycraft.

I debated leaving the painting without drawing on it, but decided then I would never know if it would work. So I drew over the yellow site with pen and marker like yesterday.

Abstract Face with Linework Added

drawn on face

And I quite like the end result, the only problem I have is it looks like some of the artists I like which in a way is a good thing but I want my art to be my own.

Anyway that’s me finished painting for the day. I’m  off to get some lunch of a bit of left-over home made stir fry.

+ Hobbycraft cheap Gouache –
+ Unipin Fineliner –
+ Sharpie Marker –

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