It’s day 31 of the Find Your Art Style Experiment. Today I am continuing on with the Sketchbook Skool Course exercise that I started on Day 28. The exercise is by an artist called Jonathan Twingley who suggests spending six days doodling random things without thinking about it too much. Then to cut them out and put them together. Today, I am putting the drawings together to see what I can make.

More drawings created

Over the weekend I created a few more drawings, to use for the exercise.

all drawings

Cutting up the Drawings

cut up drawings

So my first task was to cut out all the drawings I had done ready to see what I could make with them. I used a scalpel and some small scissors. 10 hours later, or what seemed like 10 hours later everything was cut out ready for the fun bit.

I used an A3 sheet of paper and started placing drawings down to make interesting compositions. I like how surreal it all is.

man with hat

I created 3 x A3 sheets of art and decide to have a go at colouring them up. I tried colouring the first one with Derwent Inktense blocks which I had first used and love this weekend, but I didn’t think they worked well for this. So I struck to using markers on the other two drawings

I really like how the marker drawings look. They are sort of grungy, surreal and maybe a bit street arty. The only thing I am not so keen on is that my background paper is a slightly different colour to the paper I drew on. But now I know that I would use markers and ink I could perhaps try a different paper. I will try this exercise or something similar again.

finished drawings

See you tomorrow

Tools Used

Ohuhu Markers –
W&N Pigment Marker (Red) –
Inktense Blocks –
Pigma Sensei Pens –
Sketchbook Skool –

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