It’s day 49 of the Find Your Art Style Experiment. I was running a bit late today so decided to keep things simple.

Found a Free Reference Image

reference image to draw

I found a good free reference image of a man to use as a starting point and pencilled him in.

Colouring the Drawing With Neocolor 2 Wax Pastels

colouring with Neoclor pastels

Then I coloured him up with the Neocolor 2. I chose to use a pale cyan blue as the background. I smoothed everything out with water and then went back in with a bit more Neocolor.

Adding Rings with Black Stabilo All Pencil

adding lines with Stabilo All pencil

Next, I added some rings around his eyes with a black Stabilo All pencil and added some other marks on his face.

Then I drew in a little character around his eye holding the sun with a black Neocolor.

final abstract face art

I added some black marks in the background and some loose pale faces. I feel like I rushed this one a little, but he’s ok. I will see you with another drawing on Monday.

Tools Used

+ Neocolor ii wax pastels –

+ Stabilo All Watercolour Effect Pencil – Black –

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