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Well, ‘Art Journal January’ is well and truly underway and it’s been so lovely to see so many of you joining in and sharing your pages with us! So, at the end of this post, we thought we would share a few of those pages here, to give you all an extra kick of inspiration!

Meanwhile, one of the main reasons that we sometimes get beaten by a daily challenge is time. Yes, as always, there is never quite enough of it!! So below are just a few handy tips to help you manage time that little bit better, to make things just a little easier and to maximise your chances of completing this challenge!

Top tips for making time for your art

  1. Book out one or two specific times that work for you in your day to work on your page. Perhaps when your partner is watching the one millionth episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ Yaaawn…
  2. Take your journal with you everywhere. When you are sitting in the hairdressers or in the dentists waiting room, or waiting in the car for someone… these are perfect opportunities to steal some extra time!
  3. Maybe like me, you need your sleep! But if you are one of the lucky ones who doesn’t need so much, then make the most of that. Perhaps get up 30 minutes earlier than you would to work on your page, or go to bed a little later.
  4. Work on the basic outlines of your illustration and your text to begin with. You can always go in with your colour at a later date!
  5. Try to keep mealtimes simple during the challenge. Instead of cooking a big roast dinner with a ton of pots and pans to clean up afterwards, how about a nice healthy one-pot stew and a french stick to dunk!! And if you double the recipe, you’ll have another meal already prepared for another day where time is short!

If you have any tips of your own, do share them with us here or perhaps in the Facebook group! We want to know your own secrets!

Meanwhile, here is a selection of some of the work you’ve been sharing with us… Oh and some of Tara’s too! And we’ll be sharing more of your pages also look out for that!

 Bridget Blair Wietlisbach – Art Journal January page Day 4 Prompt “Exercise” 

© Bridget Blair Wietlisbach


Mary Soeldner‎ – Art Journal January page Day 1

Mary Soeldner art journal

© Mary Soeldner


Megan Jeffery – Art Journal January Page Day 1

© Megan Jeffery


Anna Sellers – Art Journal January Page Day 8 Prompt “Friends”

Anna Sellers Art Journal

© Anna Sellers


Evelyn Oldroyd – Quick sketch in her Art Journal January

© Evelyn Oldroyd


Tara Roskell – Art Journal January Day 5 Prompt Love

Tara Art Journal January-Love

© Tara Roskell


Keep at it everyone… You’re doing AWESOME work!!

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