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Today’s creative guest is Deb Weiers from www.debweiersart.com @debweiersart. Deb is a mixed media artist based in Red Deer Canada who creates amazing semi-abstract faces. Her art is incredibly distinct and she uses a very intuitive approach to create her art. It was seeing Debs Faces that inspired me to try creating a few semi-abstract faces myself for our Abstract Art April Challenge.

Always Contemplating 11x15

Always Contemplating (11″ x 15″)

In this podcast Deb talks about:

  • Her background and how she got started with art
  • How she got started painting faces, a subject that initially she didn’t like
  • Her process for creating paintings starting with abstract marks
  • How she developed her distinctive style and ideas for developing your own
  • Her favourite art materials
  • Selling her work via Instagram
Girl With Dog 10x12

Girl With Dog (10″ x 12″)

The art class that got Deb into painting faces

Let’s Face it by Kara Strachan Bullock Art

Artists Deb admires

Deb’s Book

Deb has recently released a book featuring her work, called the Many Faces of Deb

Amazon UK | Amazon US

She Was Not Sure About Her New Boyfriend 10x14

She Was Not Sure About Her New Boyfriend (10″ x 14″)

Find out more about Deb Weiers

A big thank you to Deb Saine in our Facebook Group for introducing us to Deb Weiers Work and suggesting some of the questions.

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