In today’s episode, we are going to talk about completing a creative challenge. As many of us who have taken part in creative challenges will know starting a creative challenge is easy. You start out full of excitement and great intentions. However, maintaining momentum to see the challenge through to the end is much harder.

Ep 62 Tips for Completing a Creative Challenge

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Some of the tips for completing a creative challenge that we discuss

  • How you could prepare prior to the creative challenge.
  • Scheduling time for the challenge
  • Making sure a challenge works for you and fits with your goals and time constraints
  • How to pivot if a challenge isn’t working out
  • What to do when you really haven’t got time
  • Dealing with the days you just don’t want to create
  • Ways of holding yourself accountable for completing your challenge. There are several ways of doing this that we cover,
  • How to stuff yourself with a massive cream cake at the end as a reward. Ok, we didn’t discuss that, but we should have done and did mention how a reward might help with motivation.

What are the best ways you have found to motivate yourself to complete a creative challenge?

And of course, we also talk about what arty things we’ve been up to during lockdown and mention the Zoom life drawing (clothed!!! – Sandra posed) sessions we’ve done with the group.

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This week’s creative question

What is the ultimate creative challenge you would like to set yourself? What is stopping you?

ultimate creative challenge800

The best answers will be read out on a future podcast.

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