Ep 21 Art Podcast Creative Block

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In today’s episode, we talk about how to recognise and deal with a creative block. And, more importantly, why do we even have them?

And it comes at a good time because both myself and Sandra have been through one quite recently.

It seems that just about every Artist out there goes through this at some point, if not a couple of times a year and it is all part of being a Creative. But knowing that doesn’t always make it any easier to deal with.

Amongst our normal sidetracking chatter, including Sandra getting the completely wrong idea when I mentioned “Idea Sex” we discuss the following things.

Some of the things we discussed:

  • Some of the causes of a creative block
  • Warning signs that you are having a creative block
  • Ideas to help get you out of a creative block
  • Why you should try not to worry too much about your creative block

We both share what some of the causes of our creative blocks were and the things that helped us to get over them. Along with that, we mention some of the fantastic tips that you suggested on our Facebook Page, Group and on Instagram.

November Challenges

We also give a quick mention of some of the exciting creative challenges we’ve got coming up for November

  • Linovember – A lino print challenge (or another type of printing if you prefer – got any potatoes handy?)
  • Quick Kick November – Draw using a brush and ink (or paint if you don’t have ink)
  • Kick Time November – Create one piece of art, writing, poetry etc, etc using the prompt during the month
  • Kick Collage – Use collage every day in your work, this can be pure collage or you can paint or draw over a collaged surface.

This week’s creative question

Is Creativity something that we are born with or is it something we can learn?

Creativity Question

The best answers will be read out on the next joint podcast.

You can Tweet us your answers @KickCreatives or let us know in the Facebook Group, which by the way if you haven’t already joined, I highly recommend that you do! We will put the question up there and also on the facebook page… and of course, on our Instagram page @kickinthecreatives.

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