It’s Day 17 of the Find Your Art Style Experiment and today I thought I would spend a few minutes looking through some of the work I have created so far to see what I like about it.

Pinboard of art styles

Art Created in Day 2 of the Find Your Art Style Experiment

Art Style Real versus Grungy

This was the first bit of art I worked on and I really like the theme of realistic or painterly versus more scribbled and grungy. This is an idea I would like to explore so. I am going to put it on my list.

Loose Rough Effect Art Style

Drawing face loose rough art style

Then I also like the rough effect from this drawing so I would like to develop this more, perhaps trying more using reference and then maybe some from my imagination. I also like the big rough block of red.

Not 100% Sure on this Art Style

abstract face drawing style

I am not 100%whether I like these characters or not, I am not quite sure why, but a few people have said they do? Maybe it’s the face shapes or the colours I used. But I did like the original one I did in my sketchbook so I am not discounting this yet. Maybe it would work in a different medium or less black or from my imagination.

I Enjoy Creating Characters

character art style ideas

Several of the bits of work I have done include little characters and that is definitely something I enjoy doing and want to pursue. But maybe I’ll try adding a little colour or using different mediums.

Mark Making Experiments

mark making face art

I tried mark-making last week and have been very inspired by the mark-making techniques of Red Queen Art Creations on Youtube and would like to experiment with making some grungy background to draw little characters over

Red Queen Art Creations – Mark Making Inspiration

Sketchbook Drawings Over The Weekend

sketchbook art style

Over the weekend I did a few little drawings with just a pen and water that I really enjoy One thing I love about working in my Sketchbook is starting a drawing without knowing exactly what I am going to draw. So it might be a little character but I will have no idea what it is going to do. Or for example, I did this little drawing which just started as a faced shape. It’s the fun of being a bit more intuitive.

cartoon style drawing

Found a Video Inspiring about Artist Mel McCuddin

I watched a video which I will link to above by an artist called Mel McCuddin who paints a canvas with abstract marks and then looks for figures in it. That sounds like it might be fun to try with characters or figures.

See you tomorrow.

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