It’s Day 4 of The Find Your Art Style Experiment and I’m looking to my Pinterest board for inspiration again. I notice that a lot of the work I like involves a lot of black line work, so I decided that I would try that today.

I had that feeling of apprehension this morning about drawing, it’s because I am experimenting and don’t know the outcome. So I decided I should stop thinking that I am trying to create a finished piece of work and instead realise that I am exploring. Things are supposed to now work out and sometimes mistakes can help you discover something new.

So I decided to work on a larger piece of paper and put a few sketches on each, essentially it’s a sketchbook page and that’s all. No one has to see it, except you and me, and you won’t tell anyone if it’s crap, will you?

I started with some reference faces to use as a guide and the first sketch I created felt a bit graphic and laboured so I tried to loosen up a bit more.

And I made a little discovery, that I like drawing with my pen resting on the side. That sounds so insignificant, and yet when I drew like that, it felt more intuitive like my hand could do what it wanted rather than my brain being on overdrive.

intuitive drawing

And I much prefer the second one, I tried adding some Neocolor Pastels to it for a splash of colour. It definitely felt better than the first.

colour sketch experiment

I continued on with a few more sketches that didn’t go so well, but I have had a couple of themes running through my head that I have been wondering if I could incorporate into my work somehow. One is the idea of using words from those criticisms that you get over your life, the ones that serve no purpose except to make you feel crap which stick in your head for years!

using words from criticsms

For the last sketch I did I decided to revisit the large eye I have used in some other art. And there is something I like about this that maybe I could develop. And in this one I wrote and then crossed out “Not Creative Enough” Something I was told at a college interview many years ago.

last face drawing

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