It’s Day 14 of the Find Your Art Style Experiment. I had some positive comments about the faces I created yesterday, but something was bugging me about them.

I decided that maybe it was because they were too neat and I wanted them a bit more grungy looking. So I decided to try using my dip pen again with Indian Ink, to see what effect that would have and also to try drawing men rather than women.

I based the first man on a free photo and drew him in a similar style to yesterday. I watered down some of the ink to add a few vague background elements. I thought he looked like he might be a computer geek who liked surfing, although I think the surfboards look more like he might have a large ironing pile waiting.

I then drew the second man but decided to go a bit more angular with this one and also added some watered down Indian ink for some initial shading.

Stylized Faces Drawn with a Dip Pen

black and white face drawings

I have just discovered that my pastel pencils are water-soluble and so, of course, I needed to test them out with water. I coloured the first man and then added some water, but I am not overly keen on the result.

For the second man, I decided to choose different colours from my favourite purples and yellows. In Felix Scheinberger’s book Urban Watercolour Sketching he talks about trying out different colour combinations. So I chose a blue-green Neocolor ii pastel and then went for Split complementaries . I only know they’re called this from looking at the little cardboard colour wheel.

Coloured up Stylized Faces

colour versions stylized face art

I applied the Neocolors and then added water. To fill the space top left I added a few words. I think I preferred the watercolours for adding colour rather than the pastels or crayons, what do you think?

PS. Look at this cool book my partner got me for Valentines Day. I am dying to have a proper look at it over the weekend.

Basquait Art Book

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