In today’s episode, we’re talking about how to start drawing again after a long break. In podcast episode 46, we spoke about how sometimes, taking a short break from our art can be beneficial and help to re-fill our creative well. But what if you haven’t drawn for months, or even years? You pick up that pencil again and somehow it just feels so alien, that you just put it down again.Today we are going to talk about that.

How to Start Drawing Again After A Long Break

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So you want to start drawing again and you would think that the answer would be to just start. But of course, our minds like to mess with us and instead of picking up the pencil, we find every reason we can to put it off. What we’re really doing is procrastinating and doubting ourselves.

“What if`I’m rubbish?”

“What if I don’t enjoy it?”

So we have some ideas to help get you started

Some of the things we discuss

  • How Tara started drawing by hand again after years of working digitally and how alien it felt at first
  • How the way you want to draw now might be completely different from how you drew years ago
  • That your taste for subject matter and mediums can completely change over time
  • Why you have to prepared for your art tosuck for a while
  • That copying can be a great way to learn (as long as you credit the original creator if you share your art) We all copied art as kids, so why not as adults.
  • Why a cheap sketchbook may be better than a beautiful more expensive one
  • Why experimenting is a great way to discover the art you love to make
  • How a challenge can help motivate you to practice

When you’ve finished listening to this podcast, we challenge you to grab a piece of paper. It doesn’t need to be fancy – in fact, the less precious the better.. Find a pen and draw something you can see from where you are sitting. No messing about deciding what to draw.

We give you 30 seconds to decide.

This first will NOT be a masterpiece, but you have done the hardest thing and started. When you have finished, keep your drawing it will be fun to look back on to see how you improve.

The books we mention

Making comics by Lynda Barry
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards
Danny Gregory, Art before Breakfast – Non-perfect drawings are more fun 

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This week’s creative question

What is the biggest thing that gets in the way of getting to your art?

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