Yardell PerkinsThis mini-interview is with Yardell Perkins, who has been taking part in our art and writing challenges. We are also delighted that Yardell is in our Facebook Group.

When and when did your journey into art/writing begin?

Prior to me being invited into the group. I was always interested in knowing at least the basics of drawing as I wanted to get into logo and graphic design. However, It was hard for me to really sit down and make time to really explore it as my previous job was very trying on me mentally.

As for writing, I came across a suggestion from someone a while ago to sit down and write for just ten minutes a day for ten days, and whatever I ended up with would be a complete story. That project got fleshed into a book of short stories that I was happy with, but never tried to go much farther with until I found the group

What challenges have you taken part in this year?

February Fables” and “February Faces

What did you find to be the most useful part of them?

The community of help. Being surrounded by people of various experience levels and being able to get some feedback that would be critical but not on the “Gordon Ramsey” level of: “You’re not fit to draw you own mother’s backside!!!”

I’ve heard that the mentorship can get pretty cutthroat and damning in certain art circles.

Why do you take part in creative challenges?

Three reasons:
1) They’re structured in the sense that you focus on a very specific, or small group, of mechanics
2) Despite being structured, they’re still open and flexible enough to let you run wild with your imagination
3) They’re fairly simple to start and finish, which negates the whole “I don’t have time” excuse.

Have you always drawn and painted/written?

Drawn? Not really. No

Written? A while back, as part of another challenge, I ended up with one other eBook of short stories called “Ten by Ten

Show and tell us about a few pieces of art/writing you have created during a challenge, how you created them and what you most like about them

February Faces – © Copyright Yardell Perkins

Yardell Perkins Face drawing 1

© Copyright Yardell Perkins


Face drawing challenge Yardell Perkins

© Copyright Yardell Perkins

Well, I’ve been talking about it. I should probably shut up and put up here:
Ten by Ten” – download here

What I like most about it is that, through the process, I was able to put together a very simple and easy to replicate workflow for creating eBooks of my own and potentially self-publishing

February Fables Excerpt – © Copyright Yardell Perkins

As Jason turned to look at the buildings, right before their eyes, pieces of it started to disappear. Around them, the other buildings were turning white and starting to slowly but steadily shrink into the ground.

“Oh, Shit!” Jason exclaimed as he started to look around in a panic. “IM STARTING TO WAKE UP!!!”

“What? How?” Riley exclaimed. “You said that you could do this for days in a night or something”

“I know, I KNOW!” Jason replied with a half-terrified tone in his voice. “I thought I had set it up right! DAMN  IT!”

“Well, what’s happening? WHAT DO WE DO?!?!” (R)

“You have to get out of here!!!” (J)

“Get out?!?! I DONT KNOW HOW I GOT IN!!!” (R)

The buildings and streets now all seemed to be shrinking and disappearing under Jason’s feet as if everything had turned to water and was flowing out Through a drain directly under him. All around them, sections of the city we’re passing until Riley could just briefly noticed that the outer parts of their neighborhood were passing under them and away.

Where can people find out more about you?

Website: https://perkitech.com

Mostly my web, software development and general business mumblings

Twitter: https://twitter.com/perkitech

Instagram: https://instagram.com/perkitech

The Instagram feed is more “Behind the scenes” stuff where I post more of my dad-to-day mucking about, along with the stuff on the main page.

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