Today’s episode is all about how time management for creatives. One of the common things we hear that creatives struggle with is finding the time to create something, whether it’s finding time to write each day, or time to draw or paint. In this podcast, we discuss ways that you can make the best use of whatever time you have to keep your creative projects alive.

Ep 23 Time Management for Creatives

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One of the problems many people have is that creative time ends up at the bottom of their list of priorities. Even below those important things… like stuffing your face with that last piece of cheese in the fridge before anyone else had time to pinch it.

Some of the time management ideas we discuss:

  • How to curb your use of social media
  • How to fit your creative passion into small chunks of time
  • The Pomodoro time management technique
  • Taking the resistance out of creating by having your creative materials at hand
  • Getting up an hour earlier each day – That evil Sandra tortured me and challenged me to do this for a couple of weeks a while back.
  • Using waiting time (waiting rooms, picking up kids) for creativity
  • Scheduling ideas to build a balance of work, life and creativity into your day.

Our lovely followers on Facebook and Instagram also had some great suggestions for time management which we read out on the podcast. Thank you for all your suggestions

Apps we mention on the Show

  • Todoist – A To do App that Sandra and I use for Kick in the Creative
  • Trello – another To-Do app
  • Focus – Social Media and Website Blocker for Mac. If you are on PC try Cold Turkey and for phones and tablets Freedom (Mac, PC iOS) or Antisocial (Android).

December Challenges

We also give a quick mention of some of the exciting creative challenges we’ve got coming up for December

  • Doodling December – Create a doodle a day for the month of December.
  • Digital Art December – Create and share a piece of digital art, every day throughout the month of December.
  • Quick Kick December  – We are challenging you to sketch something ‘festive’ every day (in 15 minutes or less).
  • Kick Time December – Create one piece of art, writing, poetry, craft using December’s prompt trouble

This week’s creative question

What is a subject you most avoid in your work and why?

what subject do you avoid painting

The best answers will be read out on the next joint podcast.

You can Tweet us your answers @KickCreatives or let us know in the Facebook Group, which by the way if you haven’t already joined, I highly recommend that you do! We will put the question up there and also on the facebook page… and of course, on our Instagram page @kickinthecreatives.

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