Ep 7 Creative Mentor

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Hello again and welcome to another podcast. Today’s episode is about having a creative mentor. but within that, we are also encompassing the idea of having creative friends or allies. These are the people who help encourage you to create and improve. We also talk a little about our April challenges – Abstract Art April, Imitation April and Quick Kick April.

We love how the challenges have bought so many artists come together to share their work. The Facebook Group has been amazing, we’ve got artists of all levels who are cheering each other on offering advice and acting as mentors to each other. I think we’ve only seen positive words in the Group. It’s great to see new connections and friendships being made and people supporting each other.

Online mentors and allies

We discuss how you can find like-minded people online who can become your biggest supporters and mentors. You don’t even have necessarily to have ever met the other person. You want to find people that can be encouraging and offer constructive criticism.

Some of Sandra’s Online mentors

Tracey Fletcher King www.traceyfletcherking.com/
Nicola Mclean www.artbynicolamclean.com/
Suzanne Berry www.suzanneberry.com/
Karen Budan www.karenbudan.com/

Family as mentors

Sometimes family members can be your mentors, but it’s difficult when they are so close to you. They may be supportive, but not completely understand what you are trying to do or be worried about hurting your feelings.

Finding a Creative Mentor

We also talk about how to find a mentor including the first suggestion of joining our Facebook Group :-).

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